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A French and Argentinian artist, Alexis Yebra was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1967. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Mendoza (Argentina) and received solid practical training in painting with the Argentinian master Orlando Pardo. He studied Sociology at the National University of Cuyo and obtained a master’s degree in Sociology at the FLACSO (Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences) in Argentina.

As a painter, Alexis Yebra has taken part in several exhibitions and art shows, and in 1989 was awarded a distinction by the Vendimia visual arts jury –the most prestigious regional prize in Mendoza. His works appear in galleries and private collections across Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay (CAV collection in Museo del Barro) and France.

He lives and works in both France and Argentina.

Alexis Yebra

Group Exhibitions

“Arte para (imaginar) un país”, curaduría de Ticio Escobar y de Osvaldo Salerno, CAV/Museo del Barro, Asunción, Paraguay

“La cadencia imperfecta”, curaduría Sofía Jacky, Alianza Francesa Buenos Aires

“Intervalos de confianza”, curaduría María Lightowler, espacio de arte Casamadre, Madrid

-Participación en Oxigeno Feria de arte, Asunción, Paraguay

“Inauguration”, galerie Bertolotti, Grasse, France

-Participación en Oxigeno Feria de arte, Asunción, Paraguay

-Participación en Oxigeno Feria de arte, Asunción, Paraguay


-«Dessein, Dessin, Design: Fabrique médiatique de l’Histoire» [“Project, Drawing, Design: A Mass-media Factory of History”], (a project conceived and carried out by Agnès Callu – IIAC, EHESS / CNRS), during Drawing Week in Paris from Monday, March 19th to Sunday, March 25th. Publication of the collective experience: Dessein, dessin et Design (DDD): pour une fabrique médiatique de l’histoire, Paris, Editions Hubtopia, 2019.

-«Le Contemporain dessiné, Parcours aux Arts décoratifs» [“Contemporariness in drawing, courses along Decorative Art”], presented during the 10th edition of the Drawing Now Art Fair in Paris, in the Museum of Decorative Art, Paris, (with works from Claude Viallat, Yang Jiechang, François Morellet, Pierre Alechinsky, Hans Schimansky, Geneviève Asse, among others.)
-Daniel Rueda Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina.


-Daniel Rueda Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina.

-“Open des artistes”
L’Entrepôt Gallery, Monaco


-«Sortir de sa réserve» [“Out of the Backroom”], Paradis Gallery, Marseille, France.

-«Espacio Compartido » [“Shared Space”], Navarro Correas winery, Mendoza, Argentina.

-« Imaginarios Urbanos » [“Urban Imaginaries”], ECA (Contemporary Art Space) Mendoza, Argentina.

-«Homenaje a Orlando Pardo» [“Tribute to Orlando Pardo”], Museo de Bellas Artes “Casa de Fader”, Mendoza, Argentina.

-«Hay ropa tendida» [“Clothes on the washing line”], ECA (Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte), Mendoza, Argentina. (This work was selected by the Chilean curators Mauricio Bravo and Ricardo Villarroel.)

-«Re-lecture» Alliance Française, Mendoza, Argentina.

-Vendimia Saloon (selection by the jury and an honorable mention by them as well)
-Galerías Pacifico, National Rooms, Argentina’s Department of Visual Arts, Buenos Aires, April 1989

-Vendimia Saloon(selection by the jury)

-Vendimia Saloon (selection by the jury)

Solo Exhibitions

“La escritura imposible”, texto de Maria Ligthowler, Asunto Impreso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“La validez de la pintura” con curaduría de Maria Ligthowler, espacio de arte Casamadre, Madrid, España


– «A la sombra lunar de las palabras» [“In the moonshadow of words”], CAV/Museo del Barro, Asunción, Paraguay.

– «Peintures 2012-2016» [“Paintings 2012-2016”], Marland Gallery, Angoulême, France.

– «Intensité de la matière» [“The Intensity of Matter”], Les Modillons Cultural Space, Angoulême, France.

Conference in the École National des Chartes, Paris, dedicated to « L’Egohistoire des créateurs », with Agnès Callu (curator of Heritage at the Museum of Decorative Art in Paris, CNRS/IHTP) within the seminar she runs: “The Epistemology of Drawing: Concepts, Readings and Interpretations, 20th-21th centuries.”

“L’Appartement” Paradis Gallery, Marseille, France.

– «L’ombre et son empreinte» [“The Shadow and its Trace”], Paradis Gallery, Marseille, France.
-«La sombra y su huella» [“The Shadow and its Trace”], CAV/Museo del Barro, Asunción, Paraguay.

-«Serie, subte Asunción» [“Series, Asunción subway”], Fábrica Gallery, Asunción, Paraguay.

-«Trazos», [“Traces”] Alianza Francesa, Córdoba, Argentina

The artist has worked with the following art galleries:

-Mercedes Viegas Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 2012-2014
-Galerie Paradis (Marseille, France) 2012-2015
-Fábrica Art Gallery (Asunción, Paraguay) 2011-present
-Daniel Rueda Art Gallery (Mendoza, Argentina) 2013-2016